PMBoK® Guide or „Rita”? How to prepare to the PMP® exam?

Project Management Professional (PMP®) is the oldest certificate on the market and one of the most desired certificates related to project management. For the certificate apply mainly experienced project managers and middle- and top-level managers, who want to expand their competences related to project management.

At the same time, PMP® is one of the most challenging exams – in order to be able to apply for it, you must show at least 3 years of experience in managing projects (for people possessing higher education. People without higher education must show at least 5 years of experience appropriately). The exam consists of 200 single-choice test questions, and its completion is related to long and exhausting preparations.

What handbooks should you use during study? What is the difference between PMBoK® Guide and the so-called Rita?

PMBoK® Guide is the basis

The main base of knowledge, which serves as a basis for the creation of PMP® exam, is contained in the PMBoK® Guide. Before applying for the exam, we definitely recommend to thoroughly read the handbook and understand processes, charts, and terms included in it. Of course, the PMBoK® Guide is not the only source of knowledge about PMP® – there are several positions, which complement knowledge from the official handbook with additional information and hints. For people associated in PMI, those publications are available free of charge. For example, you can expand your knowledge with information about added value, WBS, scheduling, or risk. However, the PMBOK® Guide is without doubt the number 1 for preparations to the exam.

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Rita – about PMP® with more accessible language

The PMP® Exam Prep handbook by Rita Mulcahy is a perfect supplement (even obligatory position) during study for the PMP® exam. It is written in a simple, understandable language and contains numerous references to real situations that we encounter during the execution of projects. Examples contained in the handbook definitely facilitate the understanding of often complex problems, and refresher exercises allow to remember them. Therefore, despite the fact that it should not replace the PMBoK® Guide, the PMP® Exam Prep book is recommended by many PMP® certificate owners as invaluable and necessary help on the path to high result during the exam.

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Rita helps to understand the PMBOK® Guide

On Internet forums dedicated to the PMP® exam you can find information that key to the success is remembering the tables contained in the PMBoK® Guide and recreating them during the exam. Theoretical knowledge certainly is necessary to acquire a positive result, but nothing allows to remember theory as good as… practice. Here to our aid comes Rita Mulcahy – in her book, theory from the PMBoK® Guide is completed with real references and “real-life” examples. In PMP® Exam Prep, theoretical concepts take shape, which facilitates their understanding.

Learn with the PMBOK® Guide, train with Rita

Then what is the best solution? Learn knowledge contained in the PMBoK® Guide and complete it with practical examples contained in the PMP® Exam Prep handbook. Moreover, the Rita contains numerous practical exercises and questions that allow you to master the required material in an understandable and reflexive way without learning it “only to remember”. Exercises also constitute as a great refresher base thanks to which you can test your knowledge and skills.

Training courses related to PMP®

Do you seek help in preparation to the PMP® exam? Sign up for our training Akademia PMP®! 5 days of intense workshops that combine theoretical knowledge included in PMBoK® Guide with practical examples, exercises, and tests.