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PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner – accredited training


11.01.2016 - 15.01.2016




From 2300

Additional informations:

The cost indicated is gross for companies

The cost indicated is gross to individuals

Training cost:2300 zł

Foundation exam cost:750 zł

Practitioner exam cost: 1000 zł

Training Manual cost:250 zł

PDU: 21

The Course Description

A project is something we have to deal with every day, as a project is nothing but a method to achieve desired objectives. Building a house is a project. Launching a new product onto a market is a project. Opening new branch of a company also is a project. Regardless of the actual nature of the project, whether it is a small or large project that involves complex operations, a project is an effort undertaken to achieve the goal within a limited timeframe and with finite resources.

The PRINCE2® Foundation accredited training course was created to provide you with a foundation in reliable and proven project management methods that to a great extent, facilitate managing projects, increasing one’s chance of success, and achieving the goal(s). The methods also help manage a project in a controlled way. The training course, which is based on the requirements for the PRINCE2 Foundation examination, ends with an exam.

PRINCE2 Practitioner is the next on the PRINCE2 Foundation level of competence in the field of project management methodology PRINCE2. Practitioner level training presupposes knowledge of the methodology for Foundation level. In addition to announce that it is not possible accession to the Practitioner exam without first passing the exam at Foundation level. PRINCE2 Practitioner is an ongoing two days training accredited and is implemented in the form of workshops, during which analyzes case studies. During the training emphasis is on the methodology scalability, adaptability and good practice in project managed according to PRINCE2 .

The Main Modules

  1. Overview of PRINCE2 methodology
  2. Organization theme
  3. Preparing the project
  4. Business case theme
  5. Initiating the project process
  6. Planning theme
  7. Quality theme
  8. Risk theme
  9. Managing stage end
  10. Progress theme
  11. Controlling the stage process
  12. Change theme
  13. Management of product delivery process
  14. The project closing process
  15. Strategic project management
  16. Sample PRINCE2 Foundation exams and discussion
  17. Dependencies in the process-driven PRINCE2 model
  18. Preparing a project and a project brief
  19. Working with business case
  20. Creating a project management team
  21. Strategies for communication management
  22. Initiation stage
  23. Product-based planning technique
  24. Quality audit trail
  25. Quality register, risk register
  26. Managing stage end
  27. Product description and configuration flow diagram
  28. Configuration management procedure
  29. Issues and budgets
  30. Change theme
  31. Reactions to the risk
  32. Reports
  33. Work package and product delivery management
  34. Closing the project
  35. Summary and management products
  36. Tips for candidates taking the PRINCE2 Practitioner examination

Target Audience

The training is for people who:

  • are project managers or project team members;
  • are managers involved in the process of project support and governance of the project manager;
  • want to improve their skills in project management and document their competence with the well-known and globally recognised PRINCE2 Practitioner certification.
  • Current and future project managers;
  • Project team members;
  • Managers involved in project support and project governance;
  • People who deal professionally with project management and want to become acquainted with the PRINCE2 project management best practices.
  • persons interested in confirming their qualifications with an accredited certificate.

Benefits from Training

Upon completion of the course, participants will be:

  • General familiarity with the methodology and terminology;
  • Getting to know the basic principles of project management according to the PRINCE2 methodology;
  • Acquiring the knowledge of advantages organizations can gain by implementing the PRINCE2 project management methodology;
  • Gaining knowledge about the process of project management;
  • Getting to know the decision-making scheme used in projects;
  • Getting to know the PRINCE2 principles, themes and processes;
  • Gaining knowledge on how to adapt the methodology to a project and to an organization;
  • Able to use the techniques and tools used in project managed according to the PRINCE2 methodology;
  • Able to select the relevant elements of the PRINCE2 methodology and adjust to specific situations found in a project;
  • Able to effectively manage the risks and issues of a project;
  • Able to control the flow of a project;
  • Aware of what can be done in an organization to deliver benefits of completed projects safer and more effectively.


PRINCE2® Foundation certificate is issued to successful PRINCE2 Foundation candidates who pass the exam after participating in an accredited training course. The Certificate is an internationally recognized confirmation of expertise in using PRINCE2 methodology in project management. PRINCE2 Foundation is a test that consists of 75 multiple-choice test questions (70 of them are marked). It lasts 60 minutes. To pass the exam, candidates are required to obtain at least 35 correct answers. This is a closed book exam. The exam can be taken in English or in Polish. The certificate issued by PEOPLECERT does not expire.

PRINCE2® Practitioner is a multiple-choice test consisting of 8 areas of questions relating to a scenario situation. To pass the exam, candidates must obtain at least 44 points (out of 80). The exam lasts 150 minutes and can be taken in English or in Polish. During the exam, candidates may only use the official PRINCE2 manual. The PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate is issued by PEOPLECERT for a period of 5 years. Only PRINCE2 Foundation holders can take the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam.

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