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PRINCE2 Agile™ – accredited training


02.03.2016 - 04.03.2016




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Additional informations:

The cost indicated is gross for companies

The cost indicated is gross to individuals

Training cost:1400 zł

Practitioner exam cost: 1150 zł

Training Manual cost:400 zł

PDU: 21

The Course Description

Today organizations are in contact with the dynamically changing conditions of doing business, forcing them to bring in a short time change, modify existing products or services provided. One of the most popular and proven in practice over many years of project management methodologies is PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments).

PRINCE2® is a project management methodology effective in controllable environments. However, nowadays the real challenge of those projects that are implemented in order to meet business needs, but it’s not always clear at the beginning of what will be the full scope of the project. Another notable feature of today’s projects is that they are often set at the beginning of both time and cost of the project, which enforces treating the scope of the element that will change with the implementation of the project, making it difficult to apply the so-called traditional waterfall approaches to project management.

The answer to these trends become Agile methodology PRINCE2, which is an extension of standard methodology PRINCE2 about elements associated with the generation of agile business product design. The training lasts three days and the language of instruction is Polish. Textbook and materials are available in English. Exam in the English language is after completing the training or the next day, in the morning. Registration for a specific date of the exam held on the first day of training.

The Main Modules

Day 1:

  1. The difference between a project and an ordinary business activities
  2. Overview of agile approaches for projects
  3. Mix PRINCE2 methodology with Agile philosophy
  4. Acceptance and adoption of Agile philosophy
  5. Hexagon design constraints together with a discussion of techniques Moscow
  6. Preparation Process Overview Project, initiating a Project, taking into account the Business and approaches “Cynefin approach”
  7. Requirements and “user stories” <User Stories>
  8. Adapting subject Organization  to agile management 

Day 2:

  1. “Servant Leadership” as a concept of leadership by serving
  2. PRINCE2 principles and behavior Agile
  3. “Agilometer” – how to measure agility and potential project risks
  4. Process Management deliver products with a discussion of Scrum method, subject plans and progress, estimating, “charts burning” and Task Groups
  5. Subject quality in the context of the acceptance criteria of selection <Definition of Done>
  6. Processes Controlling a Stage and Managing end of the stage of discussing the concept of frequent releases and retrospectives
  7. The process of Strategic Management Project

Day 3:

  1. Agile Contracts – what to look out for?
  2. Closing process in the context of the Agile Project Management
  3. Process management product delivery
  4. Communication with emphasis on organizing workshops
  5. Kanban as one of the key techniques of Agile
  6. Lean Start-up as to help build business value
  7. General tips and advice (study “Health Project” Transformation, advice for project managers)
  8. Summary Preparation for the exam
  9. Exam

Target Audience

  • present and future project managers,
  • participants of teams implementing projects in organizations,
  • managers involved in the support and supervision of the project,
  • people who want or deal with professional project management and want to know the PRINCE2 project management standard Agile is,
  • people who know the basics of PRINCE2 methodology – a prerequisite.

Benefits from Training

The benefits and advantages resulting from the application of the methodology:

  • PRINCE2 Agile provides benefits in terms of better understanding the customer’s needs and provide him with a solution compatible with the needs that often evolve during the project;
  • PRINCE2 Agile facilitates efficient control of resources and the ability to efficiently manage business risk and project risk;
  • PRINCE2 Agile as a development PRINCE2 includes established and proven best practices of project management. This methodology met with a warm reception as a natural continuation of the development of project management in the spirit of PRINCE2, thereby providing a common language for all participants in the project;
  • PRINCE2 Agile promotes frequent and open communication as a prerequisite for efficient management of production of the products of the project;
  • PRINCE2 Agile is used to prioritize which helps to focus on the key solutions and gain acceptance for solutions created by a wider group of stakeholders of the project.
  • PRINCE2 agile   supports the iterative development of products and frequent implementation / delivery, which allows for faster achievement of the assumed return on investment (ROI).


Training is organized on the same level of play and prepare for the exam PRINCE2 Practitioner Agile (not level Foundation). The necessary 
condition for taking the exam is to have the PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate.

PRINCE2 Agile exam enables you to receive an official certificate issued by PEOPLECERT "PRINCE2 Agile". The certificate is issued indefinitely.

The exam consists of 50 questions - for each of them can get 1 point. To pass the exam required to obtain at least 30 points. The exam lasts 150 minutes and can sit only in English. Those for whom English is not their first language, shall have an additional time of 40 minutes. In this case, the examination takes 190 minutes. During the examination you can use only the official manual PRINCE2 Agile.
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