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P3O® Foundation – accredited training


14.03.2016 - 16.03.2016




From 1700

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The cost indicated is gross for companies

The cost indicated is gross to individuals

Training cost:1700 zł

Foundation exam cost:750 zł

Training Manual cost:240 zł

PDU: 14

The Course Description

The goal of the training course is to familiarize participants with P3O (Portfolio, Programme and Projects Offices) methodology and help them understand it. The training introduces the essence of the development, installation and operations of the offices within the organization on the level of portfolios, programmes and projects. Each management level has its own distinct needs and each organization may establish the P3O model built to its own needs.

During the training, participants receive answers to the most pressing questions, including: what are the models of offices; what functions can the offices carry out; what is the cost-effectiveness of the offices; how many people should work in an office; and on what factors does this number depend? The training programme presents a cross-sectional overview of the principles, the validity of the establishment of offices, the particular offices models, and how to implement the P3O model into an organization. The training course also presents various tools and techniques.

The training course is accredited by the AXELOS, which means that it prepares participants for the certification examination for the P3O Foundation qualification.

The Main Modules

  1. Introduction to the portfolio, programme and projects offices
  2. Overview of the principles
  3. Overview of models
  4. The basic techniques
  5. The approach to starting up offices: implementation or revitalization of existing offices
  6. Adapting the models for specific scenarios
  7. Additional information: annexes to the guide
  8. Sample exams along with an explanation
  9. Certification exam

Target Audience

The training course is for people who:

  • are involved in work at the portfolio, programme and project offices;
  • support the operations of change portfolio management,
  • serve as portfolio analysts,
  • are involved in strategic management in the organization (senior management in an organization),
  • want to learn about this increasingly popular best management practice,
  • want to prove their competence with the international certificate issued by AXELOS.

Benefits from Training

  • Participants will know the basic terms and principles of operation of the offices that support the implementation of change in an organization;
  • Participants will anchor their perspective on the implementation of changes and operations;
  • Participants will gain knowledge of different management structures;
  • Participants will gain the ability to assign functions to the particular designed offices;
  • Participants will learn how to use the most popular techniques and how to interpret the results.


P3O® Foundation examination consists of 75 multiple-choice test questions. It lasts 60 minutes. To pass, a candidate is required to obtain at least 35 correct answers. During the exam, the candidate may not use books. The examination can be taken in English or in Polish. The certificate does not expire.

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