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MSP® Foundation & Practitioner – accredited training


07.12.2015 - 11.12.2015




From 2700

Additional informations:

The cost indicated is gross for companies

The cost indicated is gross to individuals

Training cost:2700 zł

Foundation exam cost:500 zł

Practitioner exam cost: 750 zł

Training Manual cost:240 zł

PDU: 21

The Course Description

Managing Successful Programmes methodology, version 2011, is designed for organizations that manage large business transformational changes. If the introduced change impacts many areas of operations and involves long and very complex processes, the project-based approach to its implementation can be ineffective. It is worthwhile to use a proven solution for managing the programme; in other words, for managing a group of related projects. The MSP methodology based on principles sets the foundation for the efficient transformation of an organization’s capabilities. MSP includes a number of governance themes, that is, the control framework through which programme achieves its goal and remains under the control of the organization. The MSP methodology also includes a description of transformational flow processes. By observing the functions of particular processes, one can determine what needs to be done for the designed change to be implemented.

Benefits and advantages of MSP implementation:

  • Focus on defining and implementing the benefits;
  • Planning a programme and projects within the programme as a way to introduce business changes in the organization;
  • The introduction of control mechanisms, monitoring and control of a programme and the projects conducted within the programme;
  • Planning and monitoring the progress of a programme;
  • Recognition of a programme’s impact on an organization’s objectives; including the requirements of a company’s policy/strategy delivered through the programme;
  • Control of initiating a programme, its implementation, and closing a programme.

Training, which is conducted at different qualification levels, prepares participants for exams: MSP Foundation, MSP Practitioner, and MSP Advanced Practitioner.

The Main Modules

  1. Introduction to the programme management themes (the components of methodology)
  2. Principles
  3. Themes: organization, vision, leadership and stakeholder engagement, benefits management, blueprint design and delivery, planning and control, business case, risk management and issue management, quality management
  4. The transformational flow
  5. The programme office
  6. The MSP Foundation trial exam with a discussion of the results
  7. Certification exam at the MSP Foundation qualification level
  8. Revision of the information about programme management (overview of methodology and its principles)
  9. Overview of governance themes and transformational flow
  10. Detailed analysis of governance themes
    1. Programme organisation,
    2. Vision definition,
    3. Leadership and stakeholder engagement,
    4. Benefits management,
    5. Blueprint design,
    6. Planning and control,
    7. Business case,
    8. Risk and issue management,
    9. Quality management,
  11. A detailed analysis of the transformational flow
  12. Programme office
  13. The MSP Practitioner trial examination test, along with a discussion about the results and explanation
  14. Qualification examination at the MSP Practitioner qualification level

Target Audience

The training is for all persons who:

  • Take part in programme management (regardless of their role);
  • Manage projects that comprise the programme, with particular emphasis on the members of steering groups;
  • Want to learn about this popular management programme included in the best management practices;
  • Want to document their competence by getting an international certificate.

Benefits from Training

Participants during the training course are:

  • Getting to know the principles of programme management;
  • Getting to know the governance themes and are learning on which elements the focus should be placed in order for a programme to be successful;
  • Recognizing the transformation: a detailed, step-by-step process on how to manage a programme;
  • Getting to know the responsibilities of the key roles in a programme and the basic programme documents;
  • Preparing for the MSP Foundation and Practitioner exam.


MSP® Foundation examination has 75 single choice questions that lasts 60 minutes. To pass the exam, a candidate is required to obtain at least 35 correct answers. This is a closed book exam. The exam can be taken in English or in Polish. The certificate issued by APMG does not expire.

MSP® Practitioner examination is a single choice test consisting of 8 areas of questions relating to a scenario situation. To pass the exam a candidate is required to obtain at least 40 points (out of 80). The exam lasts 150 minutes and can be taken in English or in Polish. During the examination, the candidate may only use the official MSP guide. The MSP Practitioner certificate is issued by APMG for 5 years. Only the holder of a MSP Foundation certificate may apply for the MSP Practitioner certificate.

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