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MoP® Foundation – accredited training – weekend edition


04.06.2016 - 11.06.2016




From 1750

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The cost indicated is gross for companies

The cost indicated is gross to individuals

Training cost:1750 zł

Foundation exam cost:750 zł

Training Manual cost:240 zł

PDU: 14

The Course Description

Portfolio management is defined as a coordinated collection of processes and strategic decisions which together allow for obtaining the most effective balance between organisational changes and the everyday activity.

The Management of Portfolios (MoP®) philosophy looks at project management and change programmes from a strategic point of view. It creates the opportunity to review all the change-related activities, including the content of the portfolio, its cost, the risk, the progress made so far and the impact on the operations and strategic objectives of the organisation.

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Benefits and advantages of MoP

  • Eliminating redundant, duplicate and non-profitable programmes and projects.
  • Facilitating coordination of existing functions and processes.
  • Ensuring that limited resources are distributed   to optimize their strategic impact; coordination of implementation and maintenance of strategic adjustment.
  • Investing in programmes and projects in the context of ongoing environmental conditions and improved coordination of investments in programmes and projects, improved risk management and promotion of collaboration.
  • Enhancing transparency, responsibility and corporate governance.

The two-day training is carried out on 4th and 5th of June 2016exam takes place on 11/06/2016.

The Main Modules

  1. Overview
  2. Implement Sustain and Measure
  3. Strategic and Organizational Context
  4. Portfolio Management Principles
  5. Portfolio Definition Cycle

Target Audience

  • Investment portfolio managers
  • Investment and business case assessors
  • Top managers intending to implement a structured approach to portfolio management.
  • Persons intending to document their competencies with the international certificate issued by PEOPLECERT.

Benefits from Training

  • Learning portfolio management principles
  • Learning about the elements requiring special attention in the process of maximising ROI on the portfolio.
  • Learning the key roles and responsibilities in the portfolio.
  • Preparing for the official, accredited MoP Foundation exam.


MoP Foundation exam is held on 11.06.2016. The aim of the exam at Foundation level is to check whether the candidate knows and understands the philosophy of MoP enough to be able to work as a fully qualified member of the Bureau. Portfolio management and in various positions related to the management of the portfolio.

The exam consists of 50 questions only one answer is correct. To pass the exam you should get 25 points 50%. The exam takes 40 minutes. It is forbidden to use any aids.

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