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Change Management™ Foundation & Practitioner – accredited training


17.10.2016 - 21.10.2016




From 3300

Additional informations:

The cost indicated is gross for companies

The cost indicated is gross to individuals

Training cost:3300 zł

Foundation exam cost:600 zł

Practitioner exam cost: 800 zł

Training Manual cost:260 zł

PDU: 21

The Course Description

The purpose of the Change Management Foundation and Practitioner training is to learn and understand good practices of change management. Understanding both a positive and negative impact of a change on individuals, teams and an entire organisation allows for early identification and response to situations which accompany change processes. The training programme offers a multi-dimensional presentation of change management elements in the context of an organisation, team and individuals and discusses the issues of implementing a change in an organisation.

The training is accredited by APMG Group Ltd. i.e. it has been successfully audited in a restrictive quality audit process and prepares for the Change Management Foundation certification exam.

Training course to learn more about Change Management. Practice and theory of Change Management – presentations and case studies. Candidates for the Change Management Practitioner exam must hold the Change Management Foundation certificate.

Exams are held on 3rd and 6th day.

The Main Modules

  1. The Organizational Context.
  2. Individual Change.
  3. Team Change.
  4. Organizational Change.
  5. Leading Change.
  6. Foundation Exam.
  7. Supporting Individuals Through Change.
    1. Coaching, Active Listening, Feedback.
  8. Facilitating Teams Through Change.
    1. Team Behaviours.
    2. Facilitation.
    3. Action Learning.
    4. The Team Leader’s Role.
  9. Changing Organizations.
    1. When Change Goes Wrong.
    2. When Change Goes Right.
    3. Getting Ready for Change.
    4. Strategic Change Process.
    5. Tools That Support Complex Change.
  10. Leading Change.
  11. Practitioner Exam.

Target Audience

  • Persons involved in the change management process.
  • Managers/leaders of change in an organisation.
  • Change management consultants.
  • Persons interested in documenting their competences with an international certificate.

Benefits from Training

  • Learning the theory of effective change implementation.
  • Learning about the tools, approaches and techniques supporting the change process.
  • Learning about the roles, duties and responsibilities of leaders in change implementation.
  • Understanding the change process and creating an environment supporting change.
  • Learning about personality models and techniques to identify them.
  • Realising dependencies between a change in an organisation and a change in individuals and the impact of change on their environment.
  • Preparation for the official, accredited Change Management Foundation exam.
  • Learning how to support individuals in the change process.
  • Learning the tools, approaches and techniques supporting the change process.
  • Working on solving problems occurring during change implementation.
  • Understanding the leadership process stage by stage, including the involvement of stakeholders.
  • Preparing for the official, accredited Change Management Practitioner exam.


The Change Management™ Foundation exam consists of 60 single-choice questions and takes 60 minutes. The passing score starts from 30 correct answers. It is not allowed to use any books during the exams. The exam is offered in Polish or English. The certificate is issued by APMG for life.

The Change Management™ Practitioner exam is a choice test testing 8 areas referring to a scenario. The passing score starts with 40 points (out of 80). The length of the exam is 180 minutes and is offered in Polish or in English.
During the exam candidates may use only the official Change Management handbook. The Change Management Practitioner certificate is issued by APMG for the period of 5 years. Only Foundation certificate holders are eligible for Practitioner certificate.

Exams are held on 3rd and 6th day.

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